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Volume 1 Number 1, Spring 2004, Pages 1-403   

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High School Students

    Hiroshi Shimatani et al

This paper aims to probe and compare reading attitudes and motivation among three national groups of EFL learners. A reading comprehension test and a related questionnaire were produced by Kinoshita et al. (2002). Three versions of the testing instruments each consisted of one original reading subtest written by the researchers, and two other subtests extracted from the reading comprehension sections of the targeted nations' NUCEE English tests. Participants did not take the subtest drawn from their own country's NUCEE English test. The questionnaire, developed by the researchers, gathered information about the subjects and their impressions of some features of the two subtests. The present research is the first attempt to analyze the data collected from senior high third-year EFL students who took the reading comprehension subtests in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The analyses found characteristics of reading motivations as well as attitudes toward and impressions about the subtest features; some are common to the three national groups, and the others peculiar to one or two particular groups.