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Volume 1 Number 1, Spring 2004, Pages 1-403   

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Language Planning for English Testing in EFL Contexts: China and Korea

    Hyun-Ju Kim, Lei Wan

The term ‘world Englishes' might be unfamiliar to many people and people may assume that English speakers around the world are using standard American or British English. However, if we look at the media such as newspapers and TV or radio broadcasts in English, we quickly find that people around the world do not speak in the same way. In addition, the population of English speakers is increasing not only in the native-English speaking countries but also in countries where it is a second and foreign language. According to Crystal (2003), the estimated number of native English speakers is 320 to 380 million, while the number of second language speakers is 200 to 500 million and the number of foreign language speakers is 500 to 1000 million. The non-native are already a numerical majority. Therefore, English change is an unavoidable phenomenon and we cannot reject varieties of English, which are nativized or localized. Therefore, we have to reexamine language planning for English in EFL contexts. In this paper we focus on language testing planning in China and Korea.