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Volume 1 Number 1, Spring 2004, Pages 1-403   

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Comparability Study of Two National EFL Tests (CET-6 and TEM-4) in China

    Yuemei Zhou

The two Chinese nation-wide tests (CET-6 and TEM-4) have been in operation for more than a decade during which their status has risen. Nevertheless, there has been little research on the comparability of these two influential tests in China, though both are designed particularly for the second-year students at tertiary institutions. To bridge the gap, this study compares the two tests in terms of test takers, test scores and test content. The results show more overall similarities than differences with a Pearson correlation coefficient of .714 (p < .01, nondirectional). Two types of subjects (English majors and non-English majors) in the study were quite similar to each other, with an obvious difference chiefly in instruction hours. The respective means of 67 and 69 appeared close, but this difference was found to be statistically significant. As for test content, differences were observed at a deeper level than at a surface level. The results are discussed in terms how meaningful the relationship is and what they may mean to researchers and test users in developing, using or taking such EFL tests in China.