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Volume 4 Number 4, Winter 2007, Pages 1-271   

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From the Editor-in-Chief

    Bernard Spolsky

We are happy to report a strengthening of the editorial team with the addition of a number of senior international scholars. The international coverage of the journal continues, with contributors from five countries (including our first paper from Latin America). Showing the growing recognition of the need for collaborative activity, seven of the ten papers are jointly authored.
The topics continue to represent our wide range of interests. Two deal with important issues of language policy. One of these is a pioneering review of programs for training and recognizing the qualifications of English teachers in Asian countries; one of its authors is the President and founder of Asia TEFL, and this paper will no doubt serve as the basis for continued discussion of how to improve teacher training: papers at the Bali conference will continue this theme. The second is a critical consideration of a national English strategy and curriculum in one country (Japan) that can well serve as the basis for debate and discussion of the state of English language teaching in Asia. Two other articles report on studies of the relevance and value of new technologies in English teaching.
There are in addition six additional contributions to research in our field, including two papers on aspects of communicative ability (recognized as a serious problem in Asia, three devoted to research on aspects of vocabulary teaching (the importance of collocation to lexical learning, the use of lexical chains as a pre-reading exercise, the incidental learning of lexicon), and one on the contribution of feedback to improving writing skills.
The editorial team continues to maintain high standards, and to select for publication those papers which show original and solid research, with strong empirical support, on topics of wide current relevance and interest.

Bernard Spolsky