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Volume 5 Number 4, Winter 2008, Pages 1-210   

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Teachers' Perceptions of Textbook and Teacher's Guide: A Study in Secondary Education in Bangladesh

    Sabrin Farooqui

In the English language teaching scenario in Bangladesh, several policy swings have occurred over the past two decades, the overall trajectory of which has been characterised by a marked shift from an emphasis on grammar-based rote learning to a focus on its role in facilitating communicative competence. Along with the launch of an entirely new textbook in 2000, the English Language Teaching Improvement Project (ELTIP) aimed at improving the standard of English in terms of both teaching and learning in Bangladesh. This textbook stresses the need for students to learn to communicate in English rather than to just master the structure of the language. A corresponding teacher's guide has also been published with teaching guidelines and teaching methods in accordance with the new curriculum standards. Reporting on a study on a group of English language teachers who are teaching in secondary schools in different parts of Bangladesh, this paper explores English language teachers' perceptions of this new textbook and the teacher's guide. It ends with some recommendations for the development of English language teaching in secondary education in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Bangladesh, Curriculum Change, Secondary Education, Teacher