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Volume 6 Number 1, Spring 2009, Pages 1-214   

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Teacher-correction, Peer-correction and Self-correction: Their Impacts on Iranian Students' IELTS Essay Writing Performance

    Mansoor Ganji

This study investigated the impact of Teacher-correction, Peer-correction, and Self-correction on the performance of Iranian advanced students on IELTS writing test. The participants of the study were 54 students who were chosen from among 75 IELTS candidates, and then divided into three groups of 18. All of the students took writing pre-test at the beginning of the term and, then the 8-week treatment in which they received different types of feedback started. One-way ANOVA results of the post-test revealed that there was a significant difference among the performance of the three groups. The results of the Scheffe Test showed that there was a significant difference between Teacher-correction and Self-correction groups, between Teacher-correction and Peer-correction groups, and between Self-correction and Peer-correction groups. The findings suggested that Peer-correction and Self-correction were much more effective than the traditional Teacher-correction, and Peer-correction was shown to be the best method of giving feedback.

Keywords: corrective feedback, teacher-correction, peer-correction, self-correction, IELTS writing