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Volume 6 Number 3, Autumn 2009, Pages 1-401   

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Gendered Language in the Classroom

    Karen Kow Yip Cheng and Amir Biglar Beigi Ghajarieh

This paper discusses some important issues concerning discourse and gendered language in educational settings. Initially, two key concepts are dealt with: discourse and gender. Subsequently, the concept of gendered discourse and its adverse effect on students in educational settings will be highlighted. Meanwhile, sexist language as the prevailing manifestation of gendered discourses in the classroom is taken into account. Due to the importance of second and third feminist waves in the discussion of gendered language, we will focus on these two waves with greater depth in this article.
Having identified gender biases in educational settings, the author analyzes the existence of such a trend in three possible areas of "teacher-talk to students", "student to student talk" and textbooks. The paper ends by offering suggestions as to possible ways to lessen the effect of gendered discourses in classroom settings. After all, critically scrutinizing the three areas of concentration concerning gender-biased issues in educational setting accompanied by going beyond mainstream, conscious raising through intervention can yield a better outcome to the benefit of all young girls and boys whom we consider as the future women and men in the wider society.

Keywords: gendered language, gendered discourse, gender biases sexist language