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Volume 6 Number 3, Autumn 2009, Pages 1-401   

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Corrective Feedback and Learner Uptake in Primary School EFL Classrooms in China

    Beibei Zhao

This article examined the classroom interaction of two teachers and their pupils (36 Grade 5 and 35 Grade 6) in 26 lessons (totalling 15.2 hours) to investigate the way in which these teachers spontaneously attended to form, and to determine the extent to which these Chinese young learners could and did subsequently demonstrate uptake in their production. In addition, individual interviews (approximately 8 hours) with both teachers and learners were carried out to assist interpreting lesson transcripts in relation to corrective feedback and learner uptake. The results suggest that both teachers often take advantage of corrective feedback, creating opportunities for learners to correct errors, and learners are capable of correcting errors after a prompt. Such attention to form that provides learners with an opportunity to negotiate of form or meaning can potentially benefit L2 learning. This article concludes with implications for pedagogy, research and teacher professional development that are made based upon these findings.

Keywords: corrective feedback, learner uptake, EFL classroom, focus-on-form instruction