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Volume 6 Number 3, Autumn 2009, Pages 1-401   

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Digital Semiotics in ESP/EAP Materials Development: The Study of the Effects of DVD Options for Developing Text-Independent Thinking / Reading

    Razieh Rabbani Yekta, Saeed Ketabi and Mansoor Tavakoli

In this article, the EAP/ESP materials are approached with a view to introduce a way for the promotion of critical thinking/reading ability. To this end, nature of the thought, language and written texts have been considered in the light of Oller's true narrative case, Piaget and Peirce's Schema theory and Montague's views toward indexicality; from there, the authors go on to suggest that subtitled videos (and in the case of the present article, Same Language Subtitles) alongside the potentials they have for the formation of abstract schemata, can be used to develop and enhance the critical thinking ability of the foreign language learners in general and the ESP students, in particular.

Keywords: Critical thinking/reading, EAP/ESP materials development, indexicality, Multi-modal Input, subtitled movies