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Volume 6 Number 4, Winter 2009, Pages 1-296   

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Training Teachers of English to Reflect Critically

    Belinda Ho

Teacher journals written in teacher education programs are usually required to be as reflective as possible. However, seldom is guidance given as to what is meant by ‘reflective' and how to be critically reflective. Ho and Richards (1993) have developed two frameworks for measuring critical reflectivity. This study attempted to train in-service teachers of English in an English Language Teacher Education Programme to be critically reflective by using these frameworks. It investigated whether these teachers became critically reflective after training and whether the teachers' degree of critical reflectivity and their patterns of reflection changed over time. Results indicate that all teacher journals evidenced some traits of critical reflectivity after training. There seemed to be no great change in the degree of critical reflectivity that the teachers engaged in over time. Most teachers developed their own patterns of reflection which also seldom changed over time.

Keywords: reflection, journal writing, critical reflectivity, training