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Volume 7 Number 1, Spring 2010, Pages 1-393   

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Effects of Listening Strategy Training for EFL Adult Listeners

    Ai-hua Chen

This study examined the effects of listening strategy training for EFL adult listeners, both on their listening processing and production. The participants were two classes of Taiwanese college students; one class received a 14-week strategy training integrated into their EFL listening class, whereas the other served as a comparison group. The data were collected via multiple measurements. Listening proficiency tests, a self-rated listening proficiency scale, a listening strategy questionnaire and a listening learning activity questionnaire were pre-tested and post-tested with both groups. In addition, rflective journals were employed in the treatment group to explore learners' strategy development over time. The results showed that there were significantly positive changes in using listening strategies and in their engagement in self-directed learning activities for the treatment group. Although no significant differences were found in listening proficiency tests results, treatment group students self-rated themselves as having gained significantly more in their listening performances than those in the control group. Furthermore, the treatment group also reported better orchestration of their strategy use in dealing with their listening tasks and learning processes. Discussions on these multiple measurements and their results were also presented. This study demonstrates that strategy training can bring positive effects both on learners' learning process and to their listening performance, and its findings may shed light on listening strategy training research.

Keywords: EFL listening comprehension, listening strategy training, Taiwanese college students