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Volume 7 Number 1, Spring 2010, Pages 1-393   

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A Spice of Classroom: Incorporating Proverbial Expressions in EFL Classes

    Is'haaq Akbarian

English is rich in multi-word lexemes, such as idioms, proverbs, and other fixed expressions that might be stumbling blocks for English as a foreign language (EFL) learners. Providing a theoretical background and a pedagogical rationale for inclusion of proverbial expressions, this paper presents some activities with proverbs for language teachers, particularly EFL teachers, to make their classes more lively and exciting. The paper suggests, at the end, that adding variety to the classroom activities might contribute to the learners' consciousness-raising that will in turn increase their language proficiency in general and proverbial knowledge in particular.

Keywords: proverbs, activity, foreign language learners, fixed expressions