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Volume 8 Number 2, Summer 2011, Pages 1-210   

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Unraveling In-service EFL Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

    Jun-Jie Tseng, Yuh-Show Cheng, Chih-Cheng Lin

The success of technology integration lies in teachers as designers of technology, pedagogy, and content. Their creativity in this regard involves technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK). In light of limited studies on EFL teachers' TPCK, this study examined the TPCK of three junior high EFL teachers attending a 12-week CALL workshop in Taiwan through lesson plan analysis and stimulated recall. Results show that these teachers demonstrated a common, though somewhat different, understanding of technology integration in EFL teaching contexts. Specifically, they demonstrated a common knowledge of prioritizing grammar teaching through computer technology and a common preference for incorporating PowerPoint, Hot Potatoes, weblog, and the Internet into language teaching. Their use of technology in teaching further suggests a common understanding that technologies could be integrated into traditional teaching sequence and instructional strategies. These findings help build an understanding of EFL teachers' application of computer technologies to their teaching contexts.

Keywords: teacher knowledge, technological pedagogical content knowledge, in-service EFL teachers