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Volume 8 Number 4, Winter 2011, Pages 1-248   

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English for Advocacy Purposes: Critical pedagogy's Contribution to Indonesia

    Joseph Ernest Mambu

Principally inspired by Freirean notions of conscientization and praxis, this paper attempts to offer concerted reflections and actions towards empowering English language teachers and students in Indonesia for advocacy on behalf of the marginalized. This intention is illuminated by numerous studies around the globe that spring from insights into critical pedagogy and orientations to critical literacy applied in ESL and EFL classrooms, in particular, and elsewhere in various communities. Two major modes of advocacy focused on here comprise (mass) media and narrative inquiry. The former elaborates on Indonesian people's attempts to produce opposite editorial (op-ed) articles written in English, a sample of newsletter, and a literary (as well as film) appreciation. The latter revisits critical stories and voices from Indonesian EFL classrooms.

Keywords: advocacy, conscientization, praxis, critical pedagogy, domination, access, diversity, design.