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Volume 9 Number 1, Spring 2012, Pages 1-197   

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Skill Level Based Cooperative Peer Feedback in EFL Writing Students

    Mi-Lim Ryoo & Mark L. Wing

This paper examines the cooperative relationships between Korean EFL college students of different skill levels in a peer review process. By looking at two distinct skill level groups, we explore how the students' skill levels affect their peer review experiences. The methods employed consisted of several multi-draft writing assignments, personal interviews with selected students, and a written survey completed by all students at the conclusion of the semester. The article looks at the various aspects of how the students reacted and adapted to the peer review process, exploring not only their individual attitudes and opinions, but their actual behaviors while participating in the project. Our findings included discovering a high degree of cooperation between peer partners during the review process, creativity in non-directed correction confirmation of the students' peer papers, a widespread perceived benefit of the peer process by the students themselves, as well as some interesting, though unsurprising, skill level differences in student performances of their peer review duties.

Keywords: peer feedback, different skill level, EFL writing, multi-draft writing