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Volume 10 Number 3, Autumn 2013, Pages 1-131   

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From the Editor-in-Chief

    Bernard Spolsky

In the last issue, I said that after ten years as editor-in-chief, I have decided to step down from what has been an exciting and memorable position. It was in fact over ten years ago that my university decided I was too old to continue teaching, so this has been one of the tasks I added to research and publishing to fill my spare time. Fortunately, the job has been made easy by the responsible efforts of a wonderful set of Managing Editors, who organized the routine of editing a major international journal and the sterling work of a large team of reviewers and members of the editorial board who assisted them. And especially by the enthusiasm of the many members of the Association who submitted contributions to the journal, calmly accepted rejections or rapidly carried out revisions, and who helped the journal grow into its present strong position.
The work is clearly not finished: the Managing Editor and team carry on, and the contributors continue to carry out research and write papers in spite of difficult pressures and minimal funding (as shown by the excellent collection of studies included in this issue), and the Association has found someone of international reputation and well acquainted with the Asian scene to replace me.
Professor Andy Kirkpatrick, a linguist at Griffiths University in Queensland, Australia, has degrees in English language teaching, Linguistics and Chinese Literature, and has published extensively in each of these fields - his last two books deal with Chinese Rhetoric and with English as an International Language in Asia. As President of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, he will be host of the 2014 AILA Conference. In spite of all his many activities, he has graciously agreed to the invitation to become Editor-in-Chief of the Asian TEFL Journal. We welcome him, and are confident that he will help the journal move to new heights of excellence.
I can therefore step down happily - I'll still be around as I have been invited to serve with the three retiring vice-presidents on the Association's advisory committee - with assurance that the Journal is in good hands.

Jerusalem, September 2013
Bernard Spolsky,
Editor-in-chief and Asia TEFL Publications Executive Director