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Volume 2 Number 2, Summer 2005, Pages 1-151   

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A Study on Oral Presentation Anxiety and Confidence: A Comparison between L1 and L2 Presentations

    Jihyeon Jeon

The purpose of the present study is to learn about students' presentation anxiety and confidence when facing oral presentation tasks in L1 (Korean) and L2 (English). In particular, this study attempts to identify the differences in sources of presentation anxiety and confidence when the presentation is made in Korean and English. An open-ended questionnaire was first administered to students in order to find out factors related to presentation anxiety and confidence. The factors identified through content analysis were further categorized into English language skills, presentation skills, and other related variables. A structured survey was then constructed based on these categories and administered to one-hundred-thirty-seven students. The results of the study demonstrated that there are some differences and similarities in the sources of anxiety and confidence in both presentations. For example, while factors such as 'time management' and 'ability to adjust to changes' were related to Korean presentation anxiety, 'English language skills' and 'ability to summarize the main points' were related to English presentation anxiety. On the basis of the study, implications are discussed.