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Volume 11 Number 2, Summer 2014, Pages 1-148   

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Korean Engineering Professors' Views on English Language Education in Relation to English-Medium Instruction

    Eun Gyong (E.G.) Kim

English-medium instruction (EMI) has become an international phenomenon, but studies of engineering professors conducting EMI remain rare. Furthermore, few studies have been conducted on EMI from the perspective of Korean engineering professors. Thus, the faculty at a Korean engineering school that is leading the EMI trend among Korean universities was selected for investigation. A questionnaire survey was conducted for 48 professors in various engineering fields. They were asked how they and their students could be assisted to achieve effective EMI. In addition, statistics on the EMI classes within the school and on the professors' backgrounds related to their ability to conduct EMI were examined. The results demonstrate that even though the majority of the professors believed that many students lacked sufficient English skills to successfully participate in EMI classes, they were reluctant to encourage the expansion of English language teaching (ELT) for students. Moreover, the professors' backgrounds suggested that they themselves were in need of intensive English language training to provide adequate EMI; nevertheless, many professors were not in favor of such training. The professors' critical attitudes toward the school's EMI policy may provide an explanation as to why many had reservations about expanding ELT for students and for themselves.

Keywords: Korean engineering professors, English-medium instruction (EMI), Korean English language teaching (ELT)