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Volume 11 Number 4, Winter 2014, Pages 1-134   

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The Effects of Teachers' Written Comment Types and Iranian EFL Learners' Attitudes

    Elaheh Sotoudehnama and Maryam Molavi

This study was designed to investigate the impact of teacher's written feedback and the learners' attitudes about it in the context of Iran. To this end, 60 intermediate-level learners of an institute participated in three 20 members groups, each group receiving one type of teacher's written comments (i.e., imperatives, statements, and questions). The participants were asked to write four drafts on each of the two IELTS topics during a semester, and then a one-way ANOVA was conducted on the average gain scores from the first to the last drafts. The results showed that different feedback types can affect writing improvement differently, and statement feedback is the most effective comment for the context of this research. Moreover, the participants' attitudes was investigated through using a questionnaire (adapted from Hamouda, 2011 & Beaumont et al., 2008), and statement feedback was reported as the most preferred comment type. Finally, correlations were conducted between the types of comments and the participants' attitudes, the result of which indicated a match between the two results.

Keywords: comment, learners' attitudes, written comment type