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Volume 13 Number 1, Spring 2016, Pages 1-71 PDF Download

The Influence of a Study Abroad Teacher Training Program on the Language Development of Korean Teachers of English

    Yoonhee Choe

This study investigates the effects of a four-week study abroad teacher training program for Korean teachers of English for their language development. To assess linguistic development, pretest and posttest listening, reading, grammar, speaking, and writing were assessed. The participants completed self-assessment questionnaires that asked them to assess the extent to which their language had improved after the program. The participants' daily journal entries were collected and some of the participants were interviewed to examine their perceptions of their language development. The pretest and posttest scores were compared with a MANOVA and follow-up ANOVA tests. The results showed that, except for their reading scores, their skills had significantly improved. On the self-assessment questionnaire, most participants considered a few items as improved after the program, and a few believed that their listening and speaking skills had declined after they experienced communicative failures during the study abroad. This study provides significant insight into the implementation of English teacher training programs, how they can be improved, and their extension to other types of foreign language teachers.

Keywords: study abroad teacher training, language development, Korean teachers of English