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Volume 13 Number 3, Autumn 2016, Pages 162-246 PDF Download

Students' Attitudes Toward Undertaking Writing Activities on Extensive Reading

    Eunseok Ro & Jeongyeon Park

This study examines university students' attitudes toward second language (L2) writing that is
implemented as a follow-up activity to extensive reading (ER). Sixteen students voluntarily participated
in the study, and their written reflections were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively to explore these
students' attitudinal positionings toward the writing activity. The findings indicate that students not only
displayed a favorable attitude toward the ER writing activity, but also appreciated its benefits and
usefulness in the development of their writing skills and writing habits. The present study also suggests
that well-integrated pedagogical practices can produce positive perceptions of L2 reading and writing
among students, thus facilitating their engagement in the classroom activities.

Keywords: extensive reading, appraisal theory, attitude, reading-writing, ER activity