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Volume 13 Number 3, Autumn 2016, Pages 162-246 PDF Download

Identifying Reading Strategies to Teach Literal, Reorganisation and Inferential Comprehension Questions to ESL Students

    Muhammad Javed, Lin Siew Eng, Abdul Rashid Mohamed & Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail

Reading strategies assist English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers to teach reading comprehension
effectively to ESL students in developing their reading comprehension abilities. This study aimed at
identifying reading strategies used by teachers that help them teach literal, reorganisation and inferential
comprehension questions to ESL students. The target population was the ESL teachers teaching at the
secondary school level in Penang, Malaysia. The ESL teachers from ten secondary schools who were
teaching English to Form Four students were selected through convenient sampling. A questionnaire
consisting of reading strategies that help ESL teachers teach literal, reorganisation and inferential
comprehension questions developed by the researchers was used to collect data. The data were analysed
through descriptive statistics to determine the frequency of reading strategies used by the ESL teachers.
The findings, based on the quantitative analysis of data, revealed that the ESL teachers use different
reading strategies for teaching literal and reorganisation comprehension questions but a small repertoire
of reading strategies was employed for teaching inferential comprehension questions. Therefore, the
researchers suggested a productive means of reading strategies to employ for teaching reading
comprehension, particularly for teaching inferential comprehension questions in order to enhance ESL
students' higher order thinking skills and reading comprehension abilities.

Keywords: ESL teachers, inferential questions, literal questions, reading strategies, reorganisation questions