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Volume 2 Number 3, Autumn 2005, Pages 1-149   

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Error Treatment in EFL S-CMC Tasks: An Analysis of Corrective Feedback

    Eun-Young Park

This research is a classroom-based, exploratory and descriptive study to better understand how error treatment during communicative synchronous computer mediated communication (S-CMC) tasks in EFL classroom happens. 42 learners participated in S-CMC tasks, and their chatscripts were analyzed according to the error treatment sequence. Particularly, the analysis focused on the frequency distribution of the different error types, the availability of corrective feedback, uptake and repair, and the effects of corrective feedback. The findings support the idea, which has been demonstrated by preceding studies, that when language learning is solely experiential and focused on communicative success, some linguistic features may not develop to targetlike accuracy. In addition, this study shows that S-CMC may offer us great chances for error treatment in that learners' synchronous interactions are recorded. It emphasizes the role of language teachers, especially in a communicative EFL setting, and it suggests the need for the study to examine the post-treatment of errors in S-CMC tasks.