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Volume 14 Number 1, Spring 2017, Pages 1-210 PDF Download

The Effect of Task-based Reading Activities on Vocabulary Learning and Retention of Iranian EFL Learners

    Bahareh Kamalian, Hassan Soleimani & Mahmud Safari

Task–based reading activities are of crucial value today, and consequently learners' proficiency is more important than their abstract knowledge of language rules. It seems that learners' familiarity with task-based reading activities may increase learners' proficiency. Therefore, this study investigated the effect of task-based reading activities such as text completion and pupil generated questions on vocabulary learning and retention of Iranian intermediate EFL learners. To conduct the study, three intact classes of learners who had already finished Top Notch Fundamental A and B (Saslow & Ausher, 2011) in previous semesters in an English language institute were selected as the participants of the study. To ensure the homogeneity of the participants, those who got a score between 30-47 from the total score of 60 in OPT were selected as the intermediate level for main participants of the study (N=47). As the data were normally distributed, one way ANOVA and repeated measure ANOVA were employed for the statistical analyses of the study. The findings indicated that using task-based reading activities such as text completion and pupil-generated questions has significant and meaningful impacts on Iranian EFL learners' vocabulary learning and retention. The implementations of the study are discussed.

Keywords: task-based language teaching, task, reading activities, vocabulary retention, vocabulary knowledge