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Volume 14 Number 4, Winter 2017, Pages 587-836 PDF Download

Persistent Monologicality amidst Variation in Teachers' Questioning Practices in Malaysian English Language Classrooms

    Shin Yen Tan, Meng Yew Tee & Moses Samuel

This video study examines teachers' questioning practices in English language classrooms in Malaysia, and how different types of questions, wait time, and reaction moves influence classroom interaction. The study found that although there was an overarching monologicality across all classrooms, teachers' questioning practices were not limited to the typical, monologic mixture of display questions, non-existent or short wait time, and/or reaction moves which could obstruct student talk. There were also opportunities for dialogicality initiated through teachers' employment of referential questions, longer wait time, and/or reaction moves which could facilitate advanced student talk, but monologicality in classroom interaction persisted. Such observation directs our attention to the understanding and further contemplation that nurturing dialogicality is not a mere issue of strategy use.

Keywords: questioning, dialogic, monologic, classroom interaction, teacher practice