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Volume 16 Number 1, Spring 2019, Pages 1-447 PDF Download

What are the Effects of the Change in the Assessment Systems on the Alignment between Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment? A Case in Korean Middle Schools

    Hyoshin Lee

This study aimed to analyze how the various assessment systems affecting middle school English education has changed over the recent decade, investigate the effects of these assessment system changes on alignment between curriculum, teaching and assessment, and find implications for effective middle school English education. Document analysis was used to address the changes in the assessment system over the recent decade. It identified that there was a great change in the assessment system in that period. The assessment within middle schools was changed from NRTs to CRTs in 2012, which has affected the high school admission process since 2012. In the CSAT, the assessment of English subject has experienced a change from NRTs to CRTs since 2018. In addition, the NAEA has changed from assessing all 3 graders in middle school and 2 graders in high school to only assessing students from sampled schools since 2017. As a result, the assessment systems which were criticized as a significant barrier that distorted middle school English education due to negative washback effect have been improved. Secondly, a questionnaire survey showed respondents' positive perceptions regarding their practice to the alignment at all stages of planning, teaching, and assessment. However, issues not corresponding to their positive perception were identified in the implementation process. Thirdly, it was confirmed that there was a consistent difference in the perception among teachers by school levels as to the effect of changes in the assessment systems on the alignment. Particular attention needs to be paid to the significant difference between the results of middle and high school teachers in almost all the issues. This suggests that the difference between of middle and high school teachers should be reflected on English education policy along with the change in the assessment systems.

Keywords: alignment, curriculum, teaching, assessment