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Volume 16 Number 1, Spring 2019, Pages 1-447 PDF Download

Identity Development of Korean Writing Tutors of English: Working on the Border

    Sookyung Cho

This study examines the identity development of Korean graduate students who worked as tutors of English writing at a Korean university, outside of the context of a writing studio. While many studies have been conducted to better understand the experiences of writing tutors at writing centers, several scholars have emphasized the importance of examining the identity construction of writing tutors who work outside writing centers. They argue that these tutors have more flexibility in developing their own identities compared with writing center tutors, who are more likely to have predetermined roles required of them by writing centers. This study, therefore, focuses on four graduate students who received training on giving feedback in a graduate course and tutored undergraduate students. The analysis of interview data and their feedback to tutees' written texts illustrates that these four graduate students felt insecure as writing tutors, but that they utilize their perspectives as both teacher and student when giving feedback. According to Lave and Wenger's situated learning, these tutors are taking steps towards full participation from legitimate peripheral participants by participating in the community of practice. Further studies can investigate how writing tutors develop and change their identities across other multilingual and local contexts.

Keywords: identity, writing tutor, EFL, legitimate peripheral participation, community of practice