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Volume 2 Number 4, Winter 2005, Pages 1-140   

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The 'What', 'Why', and 'How' of Needs Assessment for Adult EFL Learners

    Stuart D. Warrington

Many in the EFL profession believe that they understand in advance what their learners' needs are in regards to their EFL education. However, when this notion is questioned, and challenged by one's own students, because of dissatisfaction with the teaching and learning input, one can end up with quite a predicament. In the ever-evolving field of EFL, there has been a move over the past 10 years towards considering what EFL learners need in the classroom through the use of needs assessment. Many have come to realize its necessity in order to meet and support students' learning goals and objectives. Others, not knowing what it is and how to do one, find it difficult. In this article, the what, why, and how of needs assessment are addressed, and explored. In addition, examples of needs assessment and the research surrounding it, as well as questions for reflection are provided and discussed to reveal how EFL teachers can consider and incorporate student needs into the learning environment.