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Volume 16 Number 2, Summer 2019, Pages 448-767 PDF Download

The Production-Oriented Approach to Teaching Writing in Korea: English as a Foreign Language Pre-service Teachers' Experiences with Reading-to-Write

    Judy Yin

This study examined the experiences of pre-service English-as-a-foreign language teachers in a reading-to-write class. In particular, the study focused on how the class based on the Production-Oriented Approach (POA) proposed by Wen (2018) affected their reading during the reading-to-write tasks and their writing process when using reading materials. In addition, the factors that played essential roles in affecting the participants' writing process were identified and discussed. A total of 18 pre-service EFL English teachers in Korea participated in this study. The data were collected from class observations, group discussions, reflective journals, and interviews. The results of the study showed that the participants had no prior training in using reading materials to enhance their writing skills, thus, they perceived reading tasks and writing tasks as two separate activities. As the participants carried out activities that promoted writerly reading, they learned how to mine the text and use what they found when they wrote their summaries and essays. The factors that were identified as encouraging such an effect were found to be closely related to the principles and hypotheses of POA. The findings of this study provides data to support the applicability of POA in teaching writing in the Korean EFL context and suggests factors that need to be considered when adopting this approach for teaching writing.

Keywords: production-oriented approach, reading to write, teaching writing, collaborative writing