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Volume 17 Number 2, Summer 2020, Pages 319-757 PDF Download

Language Needs Analysis: An EAP Curriculum Design to Develop Foreign Students' English Skills

    Joan C. Generoso & Alice Mae M. Arbon

This study determines the need to strengthen the English Orientation Program (EOP) for foreign language learners especially due to the changes in the Philippine educational system from K-10 to K-12 curriculum that demands higher competency in the use of English in the various academic fields of study. Specifically, this study proposes to redesign the EOP into English for Academic Purposes Program with some modifications and enhancements based on the needs of the students. Thus, this study attempts to determine the language needs of foreign students. First, it determines the needs of foreign students in the four macro skills. Second, it identifies the difficulties experienced by foreign students as perceived by both their content and language teachers. Hence, identifying these needs and difficulties would be helpful in creating syllabi for English programs. Results showed that students identified the problem in vocabulary, taking down notes when listening to lectures, understanding the text when reading texts, and finding the appropriate words when reporting and when writing; this finding on writing is affirmed by language teachers. For the content teachers, they find these skills problematic for their students: pronunciation in speaking, and listening to instructions resulting in not being able to perform tasks well.

Keywords: language needs, language needs analysis, foreign language learners, English for academic purposes, EAP curriculum design