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Volume 18 Number 1, Spring 2021, Pages 1-389   

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Evaluating Supports for Learner Autonomy in ELT Textbooks

    Teguh Khaerudin & Alice Chik

The promotion of language learner autonomy has become a standard policy ratified by many language education curricula. Textbooks, one of the key tools for curriculum implementation, have a crucial role in bringing the aspiration of learner autonomy into classroom practice. This study aims to evaluate how existing English textbooks used in Indonesia's secondary schools support the development of learner autonomy, which is incorporated in current Indonesia's curricular goals. Two frameworks, from Reinders (2010) and Nunan (1997), were used to evaluate the evidence and levels of supports for language learner autonomy development in five selected English textbooks. The evaluation shows that the current English textbooks have not provided enough tasks that support learner autonomy. When evident, supports are mostly at a very superficial level. The findings suggest that textbooks have not been adequately explored and exploited for developing language learner autonomy.

Keywords: language learner autonomy, materials evaluation, self-directed learning, ELT textbooks, levels of supports for LA