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Volume 18 Number 2, Summer 2021, Pages 390-744   

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The Socio-Cultural Suitability of Task-based Instruction in Japan: Through the Lens of Learners

    Yumiko Cochrane

This article reports the findings of an action research project, which investigated how university students would respond to Task-based Instruction (TBI), with the primary aim to examine its socio-cultural appropriateness in the Japanese EFL context. The study employed a hybrid form of task-based and textbook-focused instruction in English classes at the tertiary level. A survey was administered to collect student feedback, which was examined qualitatively using thematic analysis. The analysis revealed that a majority of students positively viewed TBI in terms of main themes that emerged from the data: Social Skills Building; Personal Development; Future Usefulness, with English Learning as a common sub-theme. Pedagogical implications, as well as suggestions for further research, are discussed based on these findings.

Keywords: Task-based instruction, Japanese EFL context, learner-centered approach, English education