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Volume 18 Number 3, Autumn 2021, Pages 745-1070   

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Paraphrasing Translation as a Strategy to Help L2 Learners Develop Their L2 Productive Competence: Pedagogical Perspectives

    Takako Ramsden

Although there is still a strong belief in the effectiveness of monolingual L2 teaching across the world, translation in language teaching (TILT) has been gradually gaining recognition as a valuable tool to help L2 learners. In this paper, the author pays special attention to paraphrasing, or intralingual translation, something which is innate in all language users. Thereafter, she explains an empirical study which was conducted using “paraphrasing translation (PT),” a combination of paraphrasing and translation, as a TILT approach to help develop learners' L2 productive competence. The study consisted of four 50-minute PT workshops, prior to and followed by written translation tests and questionnaires. This was provided to 87 Japanese high school students learning English as a foreign language to investigate (1) if PT is effective, and (2) if learners feel PT is effective, in terms of the development of L2 productive competence. The results of the study indicated a very positive response to PT in L2 teaching, which leads the author to propose there be further research into the use of translation in language teaching.

Keywords: translation in language teaching, paraphrasing, L2 monolingual teaching, L2 productive competence