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Volume 3 Number 1, Spring 2006, Pages 1-175   

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From the Editor-in-Chief

    Bernard Spolsky and Jin-Wan Kim

Once again, Professor Jin-Wan Kim and his fellow editors are to be congratulated on selecting from the continued rich offering of contributions eight papers that show the growing strength of Asia TEFL members in research in the teaching of English. The contributions come from six different countries (China, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam) showing the range of our organization, and only two are written by expatriate teachers (both with solid Asian experience). It thus marks the continued consolidation of the journal as the product of Asian scholarship.
The range of topics is wide too, covering the main areas of concern to English language teachers throughout the world, but with the specifically Asian context and point of view. Derrick Nault discusses teaching culture, Pham Hoa Hiep considers moral and ethical concerns associated with the global spread of English, Hasan Ansary and Esmat Babaii present an analysis of coherence in editorials written by native and non-native writers of English, Gui Ying analyses experiences in distance learning, Kate Tzu-Ching Chen reports on a survey of English teachers in elementary schools in Taiwan, Taeko Kamimura and Kyoko Oi describe an approach to teaching essay writing to Japanese EFL students, Sogand Noroozizadeh gives details of an empirical study of the critical period hypothesis, and Neil Heffernan describes a TOEFL preparation program.

As we move into the third volume, we are also in the period of active preparation for the fourth annual conference, which can be expected to produce a new set of offerings for the journal, a new need for editorial work, and the continued growth of the journal.

Bernard Spolsky

Managing Editor's Note

Thanks to the continued contributions of the authors and the excellent work of our associate editors and reviewers, this issue contains stimulating and forward-looking papers on the teaching of English in Asia. I would like to express my appreciation to our editorial team who contributed much time and energy in reviewing and editing manuscripts.
The articles in this issue address eight different areas of the profession in different countries: teaching culture (Derrick Nault), ethical concerns in the global spread of English (Pham Hoa Hiep), chain interaction analysis (Hasan Ansary and Esmat Babaii), distance learning (Gui Ying), primary English education (Kate Tzu-Ching Chen), writing instruction (Taeko Kamimura and Kyoko), critical period hypothesis (Sogand Noroozizadeh), and test-taking strategies (Neil Heffernan).

As we move into the third volume, we are pleased to provide more space for your high-quality articles.

Managing Editor
Jin-Wan Kim