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Volume 3 Number 1, Spring 2006, Pages 1-175   

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Successful Strategies: Test-Taking Strategies for the TOEFL

    Neil Heffernan

The TOEFL is an increasingly important test in the Asian EFL context. Learners who wish to study abroad realize the importance of the test and garnering a high score on it. This paper will outline the specific learning strategies employed in a recent TOEFL preparation program in Japan. It will delineate the specific strategies that can be used to improve learner abilities on the test and how scores can be dramatically improved through the use of language learning strategies. Further, through the use of these strategies, learner satisfaction with TOEFL preparation courses can also be greatly increased. This paper will then outline the results of a recent TOEFL preparation program-in which there were 116 participants-that used such strategies with great success. Finally, the results have pedagogical implications for teachers and learners alike: a well-constructed TOEFL preparation program can successfully prepare learners for the test, thus increasing their satisfaction with the methods employed in such a course.