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Volume 18 Number 4, Winter 2021, Pages 1071-1525   

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Examining the Effectiveness of Learning-Oriented Language Assessment in Second Language Reading-to-Write Tasks:Focusing on Instructor Feedback and Self-Assessment

    Hyun Jung Kim & Ahyoung Alicia Kim

Previous research on instructor feedback in second language (L2) writing has been limited to the area of grammar. However, it is also important to understand the role of feedback in developing content, considering that integrated reading-to-write tasks, which emphasize one's ability to discuss select topics, are gaining popularity in L2 writing. Using the Learning-Oriented Language Assessment framework, this study examined the effectiveness of instructor feedback in the content domain in reading-to-write tasks. It also compared instructor feedback with students' self-assessment of their own writings. Participants were 11 TESOL master's students and their professor in South Korea. During one semester, learners produced eight writings (initial draft and revision on four reading-to-write tasks). For each task, students read an academic research paper of their choice and wrote a one-page review of it. Learners also completed a self-assessment and received instructor feedback in the content domain of their writings. Quantitative and qualitative findings indicate that learners generally improved in the content domain. This could be attributed to repeated self-assessment, combined with instructor feedback, which promoted learners' metacognitive reflection of their writing process and product. The results provide pedagogical implications for using integrated reading-to-write tasks and sustained feedback in L2 academic writing.

Keywords: instructor feedback, feedback in content domain, self-assessment, integrated reading-to-write task, Learning-Oriented Language Assessment