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Volume 19 Number 2, Summer 2022, Pages 398-739   

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Korean Secondary EFL Learners' Reading Comprehension Development through the Student-generated Reading Comprehension Test Development: From the Learning-oriented Assessment Approach

    Gi Jung Kim

This study explored the learning-oriented nature of the student-generated reading comprehension test development, a classroom-based reading assessment task implemented in Korean secondary EFL reading classes, based on Carless' (2007) framework for learning-oriented assessment (LOA). To this end, six eleventh-grade students, who constituted two groups of three, participated in the study and developed three reading comprehension tests based on the reading texts covered in class. Their test development processes, the actual test items that they developed, and their post-interviews were qualitatively analyzed based on the three key components of LOA in Carless' (2007) framework: assessment tasks as learning tasks, student involvement in assessment, and feedback as feedforward. In relation to the first component of LOA, the students developed and used reading strategies aligned with the instructional objectives of the course. They also participated in the test development as self- and peer-evaluators of their reading comprehension. The last component, feedback as feedforward, was primarily provided by peers and led to their increased agency and control over reading comprehension. These findings suggest that the student-generated reading comprehension test development was learning-oriented and supported student learning and development in their reading comprehension skills.

Keywords: learning-oriented assessment, classroom-based assessment, assessment for learning, assessment as learning, reading assessment