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Volume 19 Number 2, Summer 2022, Pages 398-739   

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Analysis of Latent Factors Influential in the Employment of Communication Strategies Among Japanese EFL Learners

    Christian Burrows

In order to investigate strategic language reliance during the management of communication problems, a three-month quasi-experimental study was undertaken in the instruction of 12 wide-ranging communication strategies. Observed interactions of 41 Japanese foreign language learners aimed to assess the relationship between communication strategies and their application during authentic interaction. The findings based on quantitative analysis of the interactions reveal increased use of interaction and reduction-based strategies improved learners' communicative language ability as measured by a reduction in non-lexicalised pauses. Additionally, qualitative assessment indicates Japanese learners' selection process in communication strategy reliance is influenced by sociocultural factors prevalent in Japan. Finally, pedagogical application of strategic language instruction is set out to provide EFL Japanese learners with more opportunity to develop productive vocabulary and communication strategy proficiency in order to raise their socio-pragmatic awareness of L2 interactional conventions.

Keywords: : communication strategies, strategic language, communicative competence