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Volume 19 Number 3, Autumn 2022, Pages 740-1140   

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Effects of Diametric Motivational Approach on Filipino Students' Academic Writing Proficiency: A Mediation Analysis

    Lindsey N. Tan & Edwina R. Bensal

Motivation plays a significant role in teaching academic writing; thus, finding a reliable, valid, and streamlined approach is crucial. With the promising potential of Tan and Bensal's (2021) Diametric Motivational Approach (DMA) on students' academic writing proficiency (AWP), it is necessary to investigate its potency by operationalizing it. With a total of 310 Filipino college students from eleven different academic writing classes being the participants of this study, three main statistical analysis methods were conducted to achieve this study's objectives of (1) operationalizing DMA and (2) validating the correlation between DMA and AWP. First, Confirmatory Factor Analysis was utilized to establish the DMA's construct validity. Second, multiple regression analysis was used to analyze the significant relationship between DMA's constructs and AWP. Last, through mediation analysis the direct and indirect effects of DMA constructs to AWP score were presented. The results established the construct validity of DMA and its significant relationship with AWP. Moreover, discussions of the direct and indirect effects of DMA constructs to AWP were elaborated. This paper could open doors to richer discussion and diverse suggestions for future researchers on how academic writing motivation must be approached.

Keywords: academic writing proficiency, academic writing motivation, diametric motivational approach