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Volume 20 Number 1, Spring 2023, Pages 1-214   

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Art Students' and Instructors' Perceptions of Content and Language Integrated Learning at a Korean Art College

    Punahm Park & Tai-won Kim

This is a case study to assess the application of an art-integrated language learning program with students' own artworks to EFL classes at an art college of Korea. We investigated the instructors' and students' perceptions on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and the students' attitudes towards the art-integrated language learning with two different groups—a lower-level group of 22 students and an upper-level group of 10 students. For in-depth research, this study also turned to the qualitative method of observing the classes and interviewing the students and instructors. The results revealed the students' overall perception of the CLIL approach substantially improved, though the lower -level group were more affirmative than the upper-level group. The art-integrated tasks proved effective in enabling the students to get empowered with their own artwork and thus to become more expressive about their own personal, academic interests. Two instructors displayed differing trajectories in terms of attitude changes about CLIL. The instructor of the lower-level class, despite her initial reservations, became enthusiastic for implementation of art-integrated language learning, whereas the instructor of the upper-level class turned a bit pessimistic after getting overwhelmed by the students' complaints and underwhelmed by the degree of students' English learning.

Keywords: Art college students, CLIL, art-integrated task, lower/upper- level class