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Volume 21 Number 1, Spring 2024, Pages 1-269   

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The Art of Captivating Writing: Exploring Digital Storytelling from a New Dimension

    Hanieh Shafiee Rad

While previous research has primarily focused on evaluating the effectiveness of digital storytelling (DST) itself, there is a dearth of knowledge regarding the impacts of flow, group engagement, and perceived instructional support on learners' DST experiences. Addressing this gap, the present study examines data collected from a sample of 225 students enrolled in DST-based writing courses. The results of this study indicate that learners' perceived instructional support significantly and positively influences their writing skills. Furthermore, the findings demonstrate that the relationship between instructional support and learning engagement is mediated by flow and group engagement. These findings underscore the significance of offering appropriate support to foster group engagement and facilitate students' flow experiences within the DST context. By shedding light on these less-explored aspects of the DST strategy, this study contributes to the existing literature in the field. It suggests that educators and instructional designers should consider the interplay of flow, group engagement, and instructional support when incorporating DST into their pedagogical practices. Understanding and effectively addressing these factors can enhance the learning experiences and outcomes of students engaged in DST-based writing activities. Further research is warranted to explore additional dimensions of DST and its impact on various educational contexts.

Keywords: digital storytelling, writing skills, flow, group engagement, perceived instructional support