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Volume 10 Number 4, Winter 2013, Pages 1-239   

Andy Kirkpatrick
view: 1225
down: 441

Ji Young Lee, Su Kyoung Mo, So Hee Lee and Kiwan Sung
view: 1458
down: 2161

Masahiro Takimoto
view: 1309
down: 1202

Sayako Maswana, Toshiyuki Kanamaru and Akira Tajino
view: 1206
down: 1369

Sun-Young Oh and Suk-Jin Kang
view: 1172
down: 1576

Hadi Kashiha and Chan Swee Heng
view: 1353
down: 1828

Harumi Nishida
view: 1318
down: 4773

Yi-Ching Pan
view: 1325
down: 2136

Seungyeun Rew and Young-in Moon
view: 1199
down: 6977