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Volume 18 Number 3, Autumn 2021, Pages 745-1070   

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Cognitive Coaching: Developing Teachers of English as Self-directed Learners

    Süleyman Davut Göker & Mübeher Ürün Göker

Innovative and leadership-based learning environments proposed by Education 4.0 have created new tasks for teachers to take greater ownership of change to survive in both digital and physical classrooms. These tasks require teachers to increase their cognitive development and teacher sense of efficacy (TSE). Within this context, teachers as self-directed learners with high levels of sense of efficacy and a more efficient cognitive development are the best agents of change in creating innovative learning opportunities for both themselves and learners as demanded by Education 4.0. This single case study based on pre/post test design aims to examine the impact of a cognitive coaching program developed by the researchers on cognitive and TSE development of pre-service EFL (English as a foreign language) teachers in the Turkish EFL context. Overall, the program had a significant impact on TSE development of teacher candidates and coaching skills concerned with their cognitive development, self-directedness, self-modification, and self-reflection.

Keywords: cognitive coaching, teacher sense of efficacy, self-directed learning, reflective learning community